By Invitation Only: Nanning City Investment Opportunity

How long have you been to Nanning?

This is a one of the question I have been asked when someone asked me to invest in this city. My old friend of mine was sharing with me his experience on Nanning City Investment Opportunity and this jolted an old memory. I still remember how awkward it was years ago when I was introduced to this “investment opportunity” (which I will share in this post).

I’m willing to bet that there won’t be a lot of people who knows this city. It is located at the Guangxi Provence of South China. It is known as a “Green City” because of its abundance of lush subtropical foliage.

Nanning Investment Travel
Nanning Investment Travel

Nanning First Impression

When I first googled this city, I thought it look vaguely familiar. After pondering on it for a while, I realised it looks a little bit like Singapore. I attribute it to the tall buildings and pockets of green in the photo. Personally, I felt that there were some resemblance.

As I tried to look more into this city, I found some recent articles on Singapore to build up a relationship with Guangxi (Read More: CNA Singapore Guangxi Economic Links). Other then that, the rest of the google searches were mainly on cheap flights over to Guangxi.

Nanning Investment
Nanning Investment

Looking at the map of China, I can only imagine why is Nanning an important gateway for many South East Asia countries. Nanning lies at the Southern most portion of China. If China is really committed to the One Belt One Road Initiative (BRI), it would mean that Nanning IS most logical gateway to the South and that will include Singapore.


Nanning Investment Opportunity?

Nanning seemed to be a interesting location to invest due to the strategic location. Just imagine Nanning to be Singapore in the 1950s where billions of goods are transported via the sea and has to pass through our Singapore’s ports.

Today, Nanning has the potential to be the land “port” if the BRI were to kick off. But first, they need to have the infrastructure in place. They will require investors to “inject money into Nanning” to build up their infrastructure to support further developments.

So how can I invest in this opportunity?

If you are reading this post, I’m willing to bet that you have been invited to “listen” to an investment opportunity by a friend or family member. I was invited to “listen” to this investment opportunity in 2015. I long forgotten about it as I couldn’t get any conclusion from the “discussion” (if there was any discussion). 

Today, I would like to share with our readers 3 accounts of Nanning Investment Opportunity. I will be using frictional names to protect the identity of the 3 accounts that I have encountered.


John: “I can’t tell you more”

John first encountered his Nanning investment opportunity when he was introduced to it by a person he met at a seminar. His friend mentioned to him that she have a business opportunity in China that she would like to share and asked for an appointment to chat more. Thinking that it might be an interesting opportunity, John agreed to the appointment.

John met her and had a wonderful time chatting about their personal life and experiences. After the small talk, John then asked about the Nanning investment opportunity. This was when she said.

“I can’t tell you more. But my mentor can”

John thought that this mentor probably could give a better explanation so he agreed to wait for another 30mins for this mentor to arrive. After the usual small talk, John asked again about the Nanning investment opportunity. This was when the mentor also said.

“I can’t tell you more. But my mentor can”

John was starting to think this was a huge joke and was about to leave when the mentor’s mentor came. John asked again about the Nanning investment opportunity. This time round, the 3 of them started to encourage him to buy a ticket to Nanning for a 5 days Business/Leisure trip so that they can tell him more about the Nanning investment opportunity there. Feeling frustrated, John asked

“What can you tell me about except for buying the tickets to Nanning?”

They replied:

“I can’t tell you more. But I can tell you more in China.”

Nanning Investment Opportunity
Nanning Investment Opportunity: I can’t tell you more

John decided it was enough and politely left.


David: “Let’s be rich together”

David got to know about Nanning Investment Opportunity from his Secondary School buddy whom he trusted. His buddy told him to book a ticket to Nanning and he will settle the rest (settling the rest means paying for his accommodation, food, etc). As they were good buddies, David didn’t think too much about it and proceed to buy a ticket to Nanning for a 5 days investment tour in Nanning.

David then realised his buddy didn’t book a hotel and they will staying at a friend’s house in Nanning. David was then brought on a tour of Nanning and was very impressed. His friend would say at regular intervals:

“Let’s get rich together”

I would say David got a better guide as compared to John. According to David’s buddy, Singapore has been a consultant to build up Nanning as a city (probably explains why it looks a little like Singapore). Nanning has been attracting Fortune 500 companies to set up their base there and the tour in the city probably showed that. Not only that, each countries have been given a different plot of land to develop it in their own way. You can also open up a bank account as a Foreigner in Nanning. All these potentially explains that the government is supporting efforts to build up Nanning.

In the past, Nanning used to have a lot of sugarcane fields. According to David’s friends, the earlier investor bought up several of the sugarcane field to develop it into properties. The land price is now worth 200X on their investment. While I’m not an expert in valuation of plantation, I can only guess that a similar normal size sugarcane field will be worth SGD$100,000. A simple investment of the sugarcane field would mean his investment is now worth SGD$20,000,000.

“Let’s get rich together”

Nanning Investment Let's Get Rich
Nanning Investment Let’s Get Rich

David was very impressed with what he saw in Nanning. David felt that he had a better picture by going to Nanning and seeing the developments there. However, David felt the “membership fee” to be pricey and did not join the Nanning Investment Opportunity.

(*all information are based on word of mouth and no information can be found to back the above information)


Catherine: “You are buying your future”

Catherine first knew about Nanning Investment opportunity when her client asked her to go to Nanning to look at business opportunities together. She was also told that her expenses would be paid for and she only need to buy the airplane tickets to Nanning. Catherine agreed because she was didn’t want to disappoint her client.

In Nanning, Catherine was brought to several areas that her client wanted to invest in. Catherine felt that she was in a networking session in Nanning except she was networking with Singaporeans who were working there. Apparently, some Singaporeans have a local business there and was running them in Nanning. She begin to see that there was a possibility of opening up a business in Nanning.

“You are buying your future”  

Catherine was told that she would have to pay for a “membership fee” to join the Nanning Investment Group. Catherine initially  thought that she was going to invest in a business or product. However, she was taken aback when it was a membership fee. After asking where the money will go to and how it would be used, she realised it was a sunk cost and she would mostly like be buying a network.

“You are buying your future”

In China, many business still run by Guan Xi (relationship). Catherine felt that as an individual, that “membership fee” may or may not pay off because she didn’t run a business. Even with Guan Xi, she cannot think about why people will choose her to run a certain business over another in the same “membership”. She didn’t go for the “membership” in the end.

Nanning Investment Guanxi
Nanning Investment Guanxi

In Conclusion

We can only safely state that a few things have been consistent in the following stories

  • You will not be given information until you are in Nanning
  • You will only need to buy an air ticket to Nanning
  • There is a membership fee to pay if you wish to join their scheme
  • You will be staying at a friend’s place in Nanning to feel their hospitality
  • Your meals will be paid for to feel their hospitality
  • Nanning infrastructure seemed to be up and ready

Whether it is a good opportunity or not, I will not know. The purpose of this article is to help those who have been “invited” to the investment opportunity to have another view of how it is like. I can safely say no 2 experience will be the same.

Do your own due diligence and invest safely.

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Now that you’ve read about learnt about Nanning Investment Opportunity. I challenge you to read this article (Things To Consider Before Investing In Foreign Dividend Stocks )to push your understanding further!

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