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About WealthDojo

Wealthdojo is founded by Oh Chengkok who is passionate about acquiring knowledge on financial literacy.

Financial freedom is a long journey and everyone is different. Opinionated articles online often give extreme advice without taking into consideration the uniqueness of everybody. Therefore, he hope to create a platform where everyone can share about their own financial journey without judgement using tailor made strategies in their own journey.

If this resonate to you,
Welcome to Wealthdojo : Your Black Belt To Financial Freedom.

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The WealthDojo Framework

Think and Grow Rich

What is your relationship with money? Why do some people seemed to be able to attract money? What's their secret?

Money Management

Like it or not, we have to make an income so that we can have money to invest. Just how can we make more money from our jobs?

Money Maximisation

Does your money disappear at the end of the month? We help you find money and maximise your returns with our flagship REVĀ©

Insurance Management

Would you still like to retire even if you have to stop working because of an illness? Create your own insurance portfolio.

Investment Accumulation

Would you like to travel the world and not worry about money? Learn how to create passive income through investing.

Legacy Preparation

Now that you are financially free, would you like you loved ones or friends be financially free too?

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