Chengkok is a Founder of Wealthdojo and an Associate Financial Consultant. His vision is to build the biggest community of financially free families all over the world. It all started when he realised that the majority of families are overwhelmed by family and work obligations. Even though many of them are hardworking and educated, they become stuck financially and unable to achieve the results they desire in life. They are known as the Educated Poor. He aims to break the this trap using the 6 Levels Wealth Karate Strategy.


He is an active investment coach and mentor for Buffet Online School. He coaches a diverse group of individuals from Executive to Chief Financial Officer with > $3.1 million worth of investment funds. 


Lastly, he was also awarded as a Million Dollar Platinum Club member of AIA Singapore. He has been invited to speak in different countries including America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. In Singapore, he has been invited to speak at various institutions such as NTU, UniSIM, RP, Lim and Tan Securities, SIAS, USANA, and 93.8Live etc.

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What People Say

Chengkok is an excellent advisor. Really appreciate his sincerity in explaining how to manage money to me. Special thanks for introducing me to AIA Vitality
Chloe Lin
Chloe Lin
Investor, Speaker, Coach.
Chengkok is really a great and helpful consultant. He is very passionate in helping people achieve the financial goals that they want. Although he is from AIA Singapore, he is a joy to work with.
GE Financial Advisor
Chengkok is able to make insurance concepts simple and fundamental for even an investor like myself.
Wong Yun Yun
Property Agent
Chengkok is excellent at analyzing companies and creating portfolios specific to each individual.
Wealth Dojo Testimonial Wei Jie

Chengkok is a licensed Financial Services Consultant since 2012. He is an Investment and Critical Illness Specialist. Wealthdojo was created in 2019 to educate and debunk “free financial advice” that was given without context.  

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