Wealthdojo Annual Report 2021

To our Partners, Clients and Readers:

2021 has been a year of transition. Singapore had quite a successful period and was enjoying limited COVID-19 cases until Delta and Omicron arrived. There were restriction imposed on the number of gatherings (2pax and 5pax rule) and it was phrased out in 29 March 2022. If you have already forgotten, there were two lockdowns from 16 May 2021 to 13 June 2021 and 23 July to 9 August 2021.

Essentially, we were in a cha-cha mode where the economy trying to get off its’ feet.

The mission of Wealthdojo is still the same. We serve to educate and debunk the “free financial advice” that was given without context.

Key Metrics (Unaudited) in 2021:

  • 51 claims (Top claim $47336.59 for critical illness)
  • > $100,000 paid out in claims through their insurance program
  • 51 Articles written (Year 2021)
  • 3 High Quality Webinars

Achievements in 2021:

Goals Of 2022:

As I look back at 2021, there were many shortfalls. Moving forward, there will be more done to impact the financial literacy space in Singapore. 2022 will be the year of creation.

  • Wealthdojo Junior (Pilot): Financial Literacy for Juniors
  • Read 12 new books
  • Read 12 leadership books
  • 6 Quality Articles
  • 3 Quality Webinars
  • 2 New Associates
  • Inspire 30 new families to work on their financial journey
  • Continue being MDRT in 2022

One Last Story:

2 old man were discussing about their retirement life. Both had the same skillsets and started working at the age of 20. They both saved $30K by the time they were 30 years old. Old Man 1 used the money to invest in the stock market while Old Man 2 used the money to buy a car.

Everyone congratulated Old Man 2. For years, Old Man 2 was seen to be successful and Old Man 2 felt very happy.

Today, Old Man 1 is living in his fully paid condominium, he fulfilled his CPF-FRS and have an investment portfolio generating dividends for him. Old Man 2 is living in his fully paid HDB, he fulfilled his CPF-BRS and have some savings in his bank account. His car is now worth zero (scrapped since years ago).

Old Man 2 was livid and complains the rising cost and about how the government is not doing enough to help them. Old Man 1 sipped his coffee calmly and said “You always had a choice. You chose your life when you were 30 years old”.

Choose wisely. Hope you contribute to your choices in the years ahead!

Wealthdojo Annual Report 2021
Wealthdojo Annual Report 2021

Chengkok is a licensed Financial Services Consultant since 2012. He is an Investment and Critical Illness Specialist. Wealthdojo was created in 2019 to educate and debunk “free financial advice” that was given without context.  

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