Ruth Yong

Financial Wizardry by Oh ChengKok
Exactly a year ago (21 Jul 2018), I attended this Financial Wizardry workshop by CK.
It was an extremely thought provoking and liberating workshop for me! It changed my perspective of what Financial Literacy holds for me.
This was how I went through the workshop:
I started the program feeling Confused, cos I didn’t know what to do.
As the program developed, I became Anxious, cos I wanted to win the game by having the highest income.
As time passed, I got Angry with myself cos time was running out.
Finally, I was Calm when I knew exactly what to do. Eventually, I emerged the winner with the highest income.
How many of us have felt what I did above?
The workshop was thoughtfully designed and conducted to allow me to think and make decisions that put me on track to achieving Financial Freedom. Further, the workshop made me realise that many decisions I made were in vain if I didn’t 1st understand the fundamentals to Financial Literacy.
In his next session, I brought 4 teenagers (my niece and nephew and their friends) along and I believe that their lives have been tremendously blessed too!
Thank you very much CK for your invaluable input. I will continue to carry the torch to touch more lives. Thank you for being the exemplary role model – Selfless sharing with an Attitude of Excellence in all that you deliver!
I am so looking forward to what you will share in this next Wealth Dojo workshop! 😍😄

Ruth Yong

Chief Financial Officer , AntiHacks

CK is a person who is very responsible and a person of integrity. I feel it is better to introduce CK (to my friends) compare to those (insurance) agents out there

Xin Er

Executive , Menicon Singapore