Insurance For Investors

Jack Ma Insurance For Investors Quotes

Many investors buys insurance from non-investors. As a result, they are not able to understand what an investor need in their financial journey. This programs is for investors who wants to know what insurance investors should have.

 Buying insurance cannot change your life but it can prevent your lifestyle from being changed. ~ Jack Ma.

There are many reasons to invest. But there is only one reason to buy insurance. That is love.

We do admit that there are many questions that will come into a person’s mind especially if he/she is an investor such as:

  1. I’m investing right now, do I still need insurance?
  2. Should I cancel some of my insurance policies now that I know my investment can make me money?

However, the MOST IMPORTANT REASON that most people have is this:

My financial planner is not an investor. How will he know how to plan an insurance portfolio for me?

In Wealthdojo, we want to help you with the following:

  1. How much passive income you need to have for retirement.
    Many a times we might have forgotten how much we need for retirement which lead to a blind chase of money.
  2. The “forgotten” cost for retirement
  3. Your “Golden Freedom Value” so you can be sure to be financially free using insurance
    Find out what is the optimal amount of insurance you will need so that you can financially free.
  4. Whether you are overpaying or underpaying for insurance
  5. The 4 insurance quadrants for investors
CK’s intro of insurance planning concepts that are new to me. I have learnt calculate our golden freedom value so that I can retirement with ease.
Oh Cheng Kok Testimonal Ariel

Want to find out if you really need insurance?

Contact us to find out more. We run this program once a year. Book your seats to avoid disappointment.