Individual Income Tax Season 2022

It is the time of the year again. Last year, I wrote about whether an individual is required to pay taxes and my opinion of effective income tax in Singapore. This year, I will simply comment on the latest happenings and what you should take note of.

Disclaimer: Please refer to IRAS Website whenever in doubt.

There were only two things certain in life Death and Taxes
There were only two things certain in life Death and Taxes

Year Of Assessment 2022

The filing for YOA2022 have started on 1st March 2022. We will have until 18 April 2022 (*very important date*) to e-File our income taxes.

How To Reduce My Income Taxes Effective Income Tax Rates
How To Reduce My Income Taxes Effective Income Tax Rates (From YA 2017 to YA 2023)

Income tax rates will remain the same until YA2023. Thereafter, there will be changes for people earning > $320,000 as highlighted in the Budget 2022.

This year, it is stated that 7 out of 10 taxpayers in Singapore will not be required to file a tax return as there have been initiatives to simplify tax filings. This includes No-Filing Services (NFS) and Auto-inclusion Schemes. Partnerships whose revenue of up to $200K will only need a 2 line statement as compared to 4 line previously.

It is worth noting that you can make changes to your income or reliefs by making an amendment on the IRAS portal 30 days from date of tax bill. Any excess taxes can be refunded by PayNow.

Final Thoughts

Think about your Netflix subscription and you are buying their library of movies. I consider individual income tax as a subscription that I pay to stay in my country. I’m paying for my safety, the public goods and mainly the comfort to live in Singapore even if the perfect storm is coming.

I like the progressive income taxes system in Singapore but I’m like most of you, it is not fun paying taxes.

I wish you the best in your financial journey. Hope to hear from some of you. I will be arranging for a CPF webinar in the weeks ahead. Please leave a comment below if you wish to be updated on the details of the webinar.

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