Greatest Crash In History? By Rich Dad

Biggest Crash In History By Rich Dad
Biggest Crash In History By Rich Dad

You probably would have known him. Robert Kiyosaki is famously known for being the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. My friends and I religiously read his books and I felt that it was a good place to start off with for financial literacy.

The concepts he came up with was simple, easy and gamified. You might have played his Cashflow 101 game in your pursuit of earning knowledge.

This time round, he has gained media attention again for crying the the market will be crashed in October 2021.

A disclaimer as usual. This is by no means a recommendation to buy or sell any securities or financial assets.

His Predictions For October 2021

His thesis: The Evergrande looming default will spread it’s way to the USA market. Debt positions in the US is worsening. Therefore, he feels like it will be good to buy gold, silver and bitcoin but later changed it to keep some in cash.

The above is a possible interpretation from his twitter.

Robert’s Track Record

If you read his books, you will get an idea that Robert is a big fan of debt. He used debt to create huge amount of passive income by purchasing properties.

He also believes that fiat money is worth lesser and lesser due to the extensively QE. As a result, savers are being punished and that hyperinflation will come in future. He is a big believer in Gold because there is value in Gold and have recently talked more about cryptocurrencies.

The very first time (in my memory) when he talked about market crash was in 2015. He believes that a huge market crash will happen in 2016. Of course, it didn’t really happen.

In 2018, he believes that market is going to get a lot worse and we are heading into bear territory. This was the period of time when the FED was raising interest rates.

In 2020, he believes that COVID19 was the final catalyst for the market to move away from traditional assets like stocks and bonds. However, market has already crashed at the time so there wasn’t any prediction for this.

In 2021, he believes that the market will truly crash in Oct 2021.

It is also no secret that he has been talking about investing into Gold, Sliver and Bitcoin.

Biggest Crash In History By Rich Dad Tweet Gold Sliver Bitcoin
Biggest Crash In History By Rich Dad Tweet Gold Sliver Bitcoin

What I Think About His Predictions

Next year, I will be celebrating my 10th year in the financial industry. I read extensively, upgraded my knowledge and here’s what I think about his predictions.

While there is nothing wrong about having a prediction, I personally feel that Robert has a deep sense of distrust in the financial system and he is extremely bearish in nature.

I don’t know whether he is right about this prediction and I’m in no position to say so. However, his money script (more on this in the articles in future) caused him to react very negatively to money. His focus is on money being money. He will be right if people start to question the existence of fiat money and stop using fiat money altogether. As a results, gold silver and bitcoin may become storage of value then. It is a long shot but who knows.

Over the last 5 years, Gold has been doing relatively okay. If he have bought it 5 years ago (as he said he did), Gold would roughly 38% up or around 6% CAGR depending on his entry.

Biggest Crash In History By Rich Dad Gold Prices Trend
Biggest Crash In History By Rich Dad Gold Prices Trend

Final Thoughts

Personally, I’m invested in the long run. In investment, there will be volatility and it is something we have be comfortable with either through education, experience or both. Are you looking to learn about investment?

What do you feel about Robert Kiyosaki’s prediction? Let me know in the comments below.

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