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Life Hedge: How to prevent your life from being a roller-coaster (Part 1)

Life Hedge

Life Hedge

Life is a series of ups and downs. We go through different seasons in life, explore different emotions and without fail, we make mistakes in life. Some mistakes can be funny to remember, some cringe worthy and some.. just not worth it.

To prevent our life from going out of control, we have certain hedges that we placed on ourselves like not spend our entire bank account on one meal or slapping another person’s face when we are angry. Put simply, a hedge is a way of protecting oneself against financial loss or other adverse circumstances (the people you slapped could be a UFC champion). This protection is important for us to feel safe so that we can live our lives without feeling like it is out of control.

Let’s talk about Amy, her parents are avid gamblers. There was once her parents had to borrow money from her (at that time, we were just 18) to repay the loan sharks. Eventually, the amount that her parents owed was so large that they had to sell away their HDB in Toa Payoh to payoff the debt. In one night, Amy no longer had a roof over her head. Her life just turned 180 degrees and she live her life shuffling between different relatives at different times. That was the last I heard about her.

John Locke, an 17 century English Philosopher once said: “When there is no law, there is no freedom”. If there is no certain laws in place, life could be messy and out of control. Taking things a little recent, Ronald Reagan said: “Law and freedom must be indivisible partners. For without law, there can be no freedom, only chaos and disorder; and without freedom, law is just but a cynical veneer for injustice and oppression”. To use this one a personal level, I can rearrange the above to be “To achieve freedom, there are certain limits I have placed on myself.” (IE: How Can You Stop Buying Shit You Don’t Need?). Without going too deep, let’s limit the discussion to Investing hedge.


Investing Hedge

Investing Hedge Life

Investing Hedge Life

Unless you are living under a rock (you probably won’t be reading this), there was a global selloff in the market (Covid19) in the last 2 weeks. We are officially in the bear market territory. If you are a millennial, congratulations! You can finally boast that you will live through your first bear market!

Being in the investing scene for a while, I met different types of investors. There are people celebrating this moment and they are also people panicking at the moment (Investing Mistakes I wished I knew).

Ivy is a newly minted investor. She started investing in July 2019 after attending one of the investing programs in Singapore. On 31 Dec 2019, she looked at her P&L (profit and lost) for the year and smiled to herself. Ivy made 35% that year and she started in July. Ivy thought if she could do this for a few years, she could retire in 5 years time. She shared her results with a few of her friends and she REALLY felt good doing so. The happiness continue until the coronavirus came in early 2020. Initially, she saw her portfolio went down by 10%. She thought that was just a small drop and it was normal. After that, her earnings last year was wiped out. Ivy started to feel regret as she didn’t take profits earlier. On 12 March 2020, she saw her portfolio is at -30%. She is starting to feel that investing is a mistake. During my conversation with her, I asked if she had any hedging strategy. She said she was 100% invested as she felt it was a good time to invest. She refused to open her trading account now and feels like investing is like a roller coaster ride! Poor Ivy!

Excellent investors I know have a Plan B. Plan B is a plan to allow us to enjoy the ride. Excellent investors knows that the market will present certain opportunities for them and because of that, they can take certain actions to allow them to enjoy the ride. In this way, they feel excited even when the roller coaster takes them up or down! They do so in three ways.

Life Hedge Investing

Life Hedge Investing


  1. A Cash Hedge

    Excellent investors know the importance of having money during a sale. Can you imagine if the $1,000,000 Dream Condo that you want to buy is now worth $100,000? How many will you buy? Or rather, the more important question is, how many can you buy? When life presents you with the opportunity of the lifetime, are you ready to buy and are you ABLE to buy?
    Imagine if you seized the opportunity and bought 5 $100,000 Condo units. When the market recovers and the price reverts back to $1,000,000. You will now be $4,500,000 richer!

  2. An Alternate Asset Hedge

    Some assets class have an inverse co-relation to the stock market. It means if the stock market prices go down, these assets prices will go up. Some people use gold, bonds or bitcoin as an hedge to the stock market. Personally, I don’t think they are perfect hedges. But they work generally well most of the time (disclaimer here). Ray Dalio is famous for his “All Weather Portfolio”. He believes that by combining different asset classes together in different percentage, he can beat the market by doing a re-balancing of his portfolio due the co-relationship between the asset classes.

  3. Buy a put option on the stock market

    Put Options is a derivative which advanced investors use to protect their portfolio during a crisis. Essentially, it is like an insurance contract. You pay a premium for a certain protection that we call a strike price. If the stock falls below the strike price, the put options buyer will have to pay you the difference of the strike price to the actual price. This allows their portfolio to remain stable during a crisis. Eventually, they will close their put option contract and allow their portfolio to go back to their previous prices.

Wishing you the best in this period of time. We hope that everyone can remain calm and healthy during this season. It is a season of crisis but it is also a season of opportunity. Invest with what you have and don’t borrow money to invest in this period of time. If you are new to investing and need help, do talk to me using the contact form or any methods listed below.

God Bless.

If you read until here, thank you again for your patience and your support over in 2019. I hope that in 2020, Wealthdojo can continue to value add you. Let us know what you think in the comments below. This is a working article. The above doesn’t represent my stock recommendation in anyway. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

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2019 CNOV Coronavirus N95 Mask

Wuhan Coronavirus: Masked Opportunity 2019-nCoV

A new term has been coined after Wuhan Coronavirus. It is now officially called 2019-nCoV. The first Spanish Flu (H1N1) pandemic lasted from 1918 to 1920. It infected 500 million people worldwide, of whom 50 million to 100 million died. It was a dark age for mankind. It was a time where medical facilities was not as advanced as it is today. Today, we are more equipped medically (though we can do much better).

According to the World Health Organisation, another influenza pandemic will happen – it’s a question of when. (Source: WHO 8 Things to Know) In 1918, we had the most devastating infectious disease event in recorded history: the 1918 influenza pandemic. Since 1918 three influenza pandemics have occurred – in 1957, 1968 and 2009 (H1N1).

This article is another working article to find companies that are producing masks. I find it enlightening to learn from the past.

2019 CNOV Coronavirus N95 Mask

2019 N-COV Coronavirus N95 Mask

We will also be focusing on producers of N95 mask. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend the use of a NIOSH-certified N95 or better respirator for the protection of healthcare workers who come in direct contact with patients with H1N1. (Source: NIOSH).

We also note that Singapore and most countries in the world currently promote the use of surgical mask rather than N95. I believe that the opportunity might be over to invest in these companies as opportunistic plays.

In fact, you can find a list of N95 mask on this web link. (Source: N95 Mask)



The stock of Kawamoto (3604. Japan), a Japanese medical supply company that makes masks, appears to be reacting to the surge in demand. The stock has jumped 479% this year, experiencing a particularly large spike around Jan. 17 when the outbreak began receiving more attention. The stocks also recorded multiple spikes during the time of epidermal.

Kawamoto Corporation Business

Kawamoto Corporation Business



Honeywell (HON) provides eye and face protection equipment, hearing protection equipment, fall protection equipment, hand protection equipment, first-aid, head protection equipment, lockout-tagout, and professional footwear. Salisbury, a Honeywell brand, is the leading manufacturer of PPE for electrical safety. Its solutions comply with ATSM International requirements and OSHA regulations. It offers a complete solution with insulating rubber gloves, line hose, blankets, voltage detectors, clamp sticks, distribution dead-end insulators, temporary grounding equipment, plastic cover-up, and dielectric boots.

Honeywell N95 Mask

Honeywell N95 Mask

Unlike Kawamoto, Honeywell is a big company and the N95 mask only give a small revenue source for them.



3M (MMM) offers a wide range of products that are used to enhance personal protection of people, facilities, and systems. Products offered by the segment include PPE, traffic safety, civil security solutions, and commercial solutions. 3M offers a strong line of PPE like reusable and disposable respirators, head and face protection equipment, protective eyewear, hearing protection equipment, and reflective materials used in footwear, clothing, and other accessories for enhancing visibility in low-light conditions.

3M N95 Mask

3M N95 Mask

Just like honeywell, 3M business does not depend on the N95 mask as their main source of revenue.


Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd.

Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd. (APT) develops, manufactures, and markets innovative disposable protective apparel and infection control products in the United States and internationally. Its disposable protective apparel products consist of shoecovers, coveralls, lab coats, gowns and bouffant caps; infection control products including various face masks and eye shields produces and markets a line of construction weatherization products, such as housewrap and synthetic roof underlayment.

Alpha Pro Tech Face Mask

Alpha Pro Tech Face Mask


Last Edited 06/02/2020. More companies to follow.

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Other Opportunities

To be updated..

Shares of Azearth (3161. Japan), another Japanese company that makes protective clothing used in hospitals, have also roughly doubled since mid-January.

Ansell manufactures and sells high-performance and high-quality protection solutions, designed for hand, foot, and body protection for different industries such as automotive, chemical, food, services, machinery and equipment, military, mining, and construction.

Check out our previous article on Wuhan Coronavirus: Lessons we can learn from SARS


If you read until here, thank you again for your patience and your support over in 2019. I hope that in 2020, Wealthdojo can continue to value add you. Let us know what you think in the comments below. This is a working article. The above doesn’t represent my stock recommendation in anyway. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

I hope to nurture genuine relationships with all of my readers. Please feel free to contact me on my Instagram (@chengkokoh) or Facebook Page or my Telegram Channel!

China coronavirus outbreak SARS pandemic

Wuhan Coronavirus: Lessons we can learn from SARS

I woke up today to find my Facebook feed occupied by Wuhan’s Coronavirus incident. It sent a shiver down my spine to think that in this developed world that we are living in, this virus could be potentially have more impact as compared to the major plagues (The Black Death, 1918 Spanish Flu, Ebola etc) as we are becoming more and more connected around the world with air travel.

It is also unfortunate that we are in the beginning of a festive period and especially for China. I pray for those travelling and those friends in China and around the region to be healthy and safe. I salute the Chinese efforts to contain the virus in Wuhan. Personally, I don’t think it is a harsh but necessary one. (Read more: 4 things to know about the China coronavirus)

Wuhan Coronavirus Learning From SARS

Wuhan Coronavirus Learning From SARS

I feel that as we move into the future, we can learn from incidences from the past. This article is a working article that will be constantly updated as we draw on experiences from SARS and seeing how it is similar to Wuhan. If any, we will like to find if there are any opportunities in our investing journey.

Edited: 22/01/2020: First Case of deadly Wuhan coronavirus in USA

Edited: 23/01/2020: First Case in Singapore

Edited: 24/01/2020: Singapore confirms 2 more Wuhan virus cases, bringing total to 3 infected

Edited: 26/01/2020: 4th confirmed case in Singapore

Edited: 28/01/2020: 2 new confirmed cases in Singapore, bringing total to 7

Edited: 30/01/2020: Singapore confirms 3 more Wuhan virus cases, bringing total to 10; all are from Wuhan / Wuhan virus: 3 more confirmed cases in Singapore, total at 13

Edited: 02/02/2020: Singapore confirms 2 more Wuhan virus cases, including 2nd Singaporean woman on Scoot flight from Wuhan

Editied: 04/02/202: First Locally Transmitted Cases in Singapore


Brief History of SARs, 2003

SARs first reached Singapore in late February 2003 with the return of three Singaporean women from Hong Kong. They were hospitalised for pneumonia between 1 and 3 March. Five persons were classified as super-spreaders of the SARs outbreak in Singapore. Most of those infected during the outbreak were healthcare workers (40.8 percent) and family members (23.8 percent). The last SARS case was isolated in early May and Singapore was removed from the World Health Organization’s list of SARS-affected areas on 31 May.

For Singapore, Visitor arrivals and hotel occupancy rates plunged, revenues at retail shops and restaurants dived, taxi drivers reported fewer passengers, stock prices fell, and more people lost their jobs. The economy contracted sharply by 4.2 percent year-on-year.

Sars killed 774 people worldwide, including China (349 deaths), Hong Kong (299 deaths), Canada (43 deaths), Taiwan (37 deaths) and Singapore (33 deaths).

The SARS-hit services sectors are recovering. The economy should resume a modest recovery path in H2 2003, etc.

(Source: Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak, 2003, Sars in Singapore: Timeline, MAS Monetary Policy Statement – July 2003 )


Making Sense of SARs: Some numbers

3 months: To get SARs under control in 2003 in Singapore

4.2%: Singapore Economy contracted y-o-y with hotel occupancy and retail affected the most

33: Deaths in Singapore

238: Reported SARs cases in Singapore

5: Super spreaders in Singapore

10%: Mortality Rate

4%: Tourism contribution to GDP (Source: Singapore Tourism Board)

Wuhan Coronavirus Learning From SARS STI

Wuhan Coronavirus Learning From SARS STI

The Singapore market was shaky from February to May, It eventually recovered and broke a new high that year.


Situation of Wuhan Coronavirus, 2020

The outbreak is believed to have originated in December in a seafood and meat market in Wuhan. A Chinese national who arrived in Singapore on Jan 20 has tested positive for the coronavirus, the first confirmed case in the Republic.

(Source: Singapore confirms first imported case, UPDATES ON LOCAL SITUATION)

Making Sense of Wuhan Coronavirus in Singapore: Some Numbers

58: Confirmed Cases (as of 14/02/2020)

0: Deaths

20 Jan: Believed to be the first case that arrived on Singapore shores

8: Companions that were with case #1

3%: Mortality Rate (Source: What We Know About the Wuhan Coronavirus)


Brief Opportunity

  1. If there is a correction of more than 4% from the STI, I personally think it will be an over-reaction of the market in the market.
  2. If your strategy is of value investing nature, look at listed hotels and retail companies (to be added at the next section)
  3. If your strategy is of opportunistic gains, look at listed companies selling protective gear such as face masks, gloves and gowns
China coronavirus outbreak SARS pandemic

China coronavirus outbreak SARS pandemic


Genting Singapore

Genting Singapore Plc (GENS) operates Resorts World Singapore (RWS) which is one of the largest fully integrated resorts in SEA. RWS consist of convention facilities, hotels, food & beverage and retail outlets, Universal Studios Singapore and a casino. According to STB, Chinese Tourist contributes to 12% of overall tourist to Singapore.

As of current writing, Genting Singapore (G13) is $0.92. In a layman opportunistic valuation, I feel there is an overreaction if share prices is below 0.86 (if Chinese tourist numbers were to fall by 50%) and if share prices is below 0.8 (if Chinese tourist numbers were to fall by 100%), ceteris paribus.

Note: We are assuming Chinese Tourist spend the same proportion of money as compared to other tourists.


SATS Ltd., commonly abbreviated as SATS is the chief ground-handling and in-flight catering service provider at Singapore Changi Airport. SATS controls about 80% of Changi Airport’s ground handling and catering business.

As of current writing, SATS (S58) is $4.92. In a layman opportunistic valuation, I feel there is an overreaction if share prices is below 4.62 (if Chinese tourist numbers were to fall by 50%) and if share prices is below 4.32 (if Chinese tourist numbers were to fall by 100%), ceteris paribus. Note that if share price is $4.32, SATS will have a dividend yield of close to 4% assuming SATS is giving dividends of 0.17.


Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

Shangri-La (S07) has 5 brands across different market segments including Shangri-La Hotels, Shangri-La Resorts, Traders Hotels, Kerry Hotels and Hotel Jen. The five-star luxury lodgings of the chain can be found across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Canada, Oceania and Europe. This comes as an easy one to identify since the first incident in Singapore stayed at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort.

I first thought about this on 25 Jan 2020 where the share price is $7.80. On 20 Jan 2020, the price was $8.34. Share price has already fallen by 6%. It will be good to note that there are many hotels under the name of Shangri-La in China. I feel that Shangri-La will affected for more than 2 quarters and the impact to the company will be material this year.

Wuhan Coronavirus Shangri La China

Wuhan Coronavirus Shangri La China: Source Wikipedia Shangri-La Hotels


EC World Reit

EC World REIT is a Singapore real estate investment trust (“REIT”) established with the investment strategy of investing principally, directly or indirectly, in a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate which is used primarily for e-commerce, supply-chain management and logistics purposes, as well as real estate-related assets, with an initial geographical focus on the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”)

As at 05 August 2019, the portfolio comprise eight quality properties located predominantly in largest e-commerce clusters in the Yangtze River Delta, Hangzhou and Wuhan, China. Seven properties are located in Hangzhou, and one in Wuhan. (Source: EC World Reit)

With a deeper dive into Wuhan, the warehouse is leased to leased to reputable logistics and e-commerce tenants in the PRC including Dangdang and JD. (Source: EC World Wuhan Meiluote)

Personally, I don’t expect E-commerce to stop in this crisis. I also note the Chinese Government has lock down a few cities to contain the spread of the coronavirus. This too will come to pass.

Share price at the time of writing is $0.74. We also note that the price has not reacted much.

Wuhan Coronavirus Meiluote EC World Reit

Wuhan Coronavirus Meiluote EC World Reit


Oil and Gas

In 2003, SARS reduced demand for jet fuel and through reduced regional economic growth and petroleum product consumption. The International Air Transport Association estimated there was a drop of 8% in annual traffic for Asian airlines during the SARS outbreak. Oil prices fell nearly 20% during the 2002-2003 SARS outbreak, but the impact was relatively short-lived as the outbreak was brought under control.

However, we also note that 2003 was the period of Iraq war. The 2003 invasion of Iraq marked a significant event for oil markets because Iraq contains a large amount of global oil reserves. Therefore, the drop of 20% may include the effects of the Iraq invasion.

A simple assumption (and very over simplistic yet conservative) we can make is that our of the 20%, only 8% is attributed to the SARS outbreak. On 21 Jan 2020, the XOP index closed at 21.63. On 27 Jan 2020, the XOP index opened at 19.82. This represents a 8% drop since the “beginning” of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Furthermore, XOP have already reached a significant support level. We believe it is fair to have a put option position collecting premium of 4%. We will monitor this index for the next month.

Wuhan Coronavirus XOP Oil And Gas

Wuhan Coronavirus XOP Oil And Gas


Straco Corporation

Straco has been one of the first few foreign companies that has managed to build up significant presence and influence in the tourism industry in China. It owns and manage the Singapore Flyer, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Underwater World Xiamen, The Lixing cable-car service. Source: Straco Corporation Limited

Straco Corporation, which secures around 73 per cent of annual revenue from China, faces a downturn in its business; the tourist attractions it runs, such as the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Lintong Lixing Cable Car and Underwater World Xiamen, were shut last Saturday (25Jan) in a bid to contain the spread of the bug.

Straco share price at time of writing is $0.56. If has already fell from $0.67 or 15% to the current level.

Straco Corporation Wuhan Impact

Straco Corporation Wuhan Impact

Drawing reference to the 2008/2009 financial crisis, Straco experience a drop of 69% during that period. (I have taken an arbitrarily time stamp for reference). We are unable to compare data during the SARs period as the company is only listed in 20 Feb 2004.

I’m positive that Shanghai Ocean Aquarium will remain a strong revenue stream for Straco in the years to come. If Straco remains to give a steady dividend of $0.02 per share, you can achieve a dividend yield of 5% once the price reach $0.4. It will be a steal if the price reaches $0.30 (as it would meant that the share price have already dropped by 70% from $0.67).


Songcheng Performance Development

Songcheng Performance Development Wuhan Coronavirus Impact

Songcheng Performance Development Wuhan Coronavirus Impact

I got to know of this company while travelling in Hainan in 2019. Songcheng (300144) operates in the performing arts industry. The company is engaged in the operation of theme parks and tourism cultural shows in China. It has developed dozens of cultural entertainment projects including Songcheng Six Rooms and China Performing Arts Valley.

I have to admit that I had no expectation before watching the performance as I thought it would be like any other “tourist performance”. I was so wrong. Songcheng impressed me with the cultural plot, the engagement and also various stage effects. I could tell that it would have taken years of practice for performers to be competent. In the internet age, I feel the arts industry is one that will not or cannot be replaced. Every year, they perform to over 35,000,000 people. (Source: Songcheng Bio)

Given that the Chinese population is 1.44 Billion (Source: World Population Review), Songcheng is only performing to around 2% of the Chinese population every single year. As of 02/02/2020, share price is 26.94CNY. It has already fallen by 11.3% from 30.40CNY on the 20/01/2020. In the last 5 years, the average PE for this company is 40.70 and the current PE is 27.65. In the last 3 years, the EPS of the company has been growing at 25.52%. We believe that there will be an opportunity of a fair value buy when PE is < 25 which is around 24CNY.

[Last worked on: 02 Feb 2020]

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Companies with high percentage of revenue in China.

Singapore Companies with Big Revenue Percentage in China

Singapore Companies with Big Revenue Percentage in China

Source: Singapore-listed companies with China exposure feel the heat

Closing Note

An epidemic generally not good news. We pray for the people in Wuhan and people travelling this period to be safe. Take care of yourself. Remember that Health is your most important asset.

This is what you can do to protect yourself from the virus.

  1. Reduce your risk of infection by avoiding people who are sick
  2. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  3. Wash your hands often with soap and water and for at least 20 seconds
  4. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, and disinfect the objects and surfaces you touch.
  5. If you’re traveling to China, (Nanning City) steer clear of live animals.

If you read until here, thank you again for your patience and your support over in 2019. I hope that in 2020, Wealthdojo can continue to value add you. Let us know what you think in the comments below. This is a working article. The above doesn’t represent my stock recommendation in anyway. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

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Quit These Things This Year

Quit these few things this year

2020 started with a BANG. At least, it seemed that way for people on Facebook. There were many posts about eating healthy, saving properly and also books to read for 2020. In the posts that was shared, I realised something in common. They were all very positive!

I have been a fan for positive messages. I like reading articles that are motivating because I get motivated just by reading them (Let’s do it people!). However, I noticed that while it works. It only works in a while. (Damn. Don’t you wish it lasted longer?)

Zig Ziglar Motivation Quote

Zig Ziglar Motivation Quote

Meet Adam (you probably know a version on him in office). Adam is an average office worker who goes to work from 9am to 5pm. After Christmas, Adam folded his arms and realised to his horror that his stomach has gotten bigger. He don’t remember it being that big the last Christmas. Looking at the calendar, Adam sees that it is just 7 more days into the new year and decides that he will start to exercise ONCE the new year begins.

As the year begins, he is MOTIVATED. He starts eating at salad joint. He finishes his work at 5pm and go for a run at night. He tells his colleagues that everything is working well and he has just lost 2 kg in the last 2 weeks. If he is on track, he will reach his fitness goal by the end of June.

In February, work starts to pile up and he starts to do overtime (OT). He barely have time for lunch so he eats chicken rice as it is a quick fix. When he goes home, he feels so tired and just want to sleep.

Guess what. By March, Adam has given up on his fitness goals. (I hope he has done his reflections)

Quit These Things This Year

Quit These Things This Year

Adam is motivated. However, it is only for the start of the year. Sometimes, life throws us a spanner and things get out of control. Today, instead of talking about positively like all other posts on Facebook, I want to start the year together with you by telling you TO QUIT.

Yes. I want you start the year by QUITTING. I want to share you 3 things to quit this year so that you can improve your life for the better. The below 3 tips are my personal experience and I hope it can be valuable and relevant to you.


Quit Finishing Books

This is massive. I’m an avid reader. I practically eat books for lunch. However, this has been one of my most painful lessons that I had to learn last year. I had to QUIT FINISHING BOOKS.

Imagine this: you start watching a new TV show. It has four seasons and nearly 50 episodes of content. You get four episodes into the show and are not enjoying it. Would you force yourself to plow through the show, finishing all four seasons? Or would you just quit?

Most of us quit. Yet, when faced with the same situation with a book, most of us feel as though we should POWER THROUGH and finish 500 pages. This makes no sense at all! Last year, I bought several investment books that I wanted to read. I was all excited when the books arrived from book depository. It has take 3 weeks to arrive and I practically rip the package to dig out the book. After reading for 5 minutes, I felt that there was this huge disconnect between the author and I.

Did you think I gave up?


Quit These Things This Year What Have I Done

Quit These Things This Year What Have I Done

Our ability to read quickly mostly depends on FOCUS. Our ability to retain information mostly depends on memory. Humans focus on things they enjoy. They also remember things they enjoy. Therefore, the first and most obvious rule of reading and retaining more information is to be ruthless and only reading books you truly enjoy reading.

My personal guide is to give a book a chance. I will give it 10% of its length to win me over (500 page book means I read the first 50 pages, 250 pages means I read the first 25, etc.) If I’m not won over by 10%, I check the table of contents to see if I want to skip to a later chapter that looks interesting. If that chapter doesn’t grab me, then I QUIT.

Quitting books goes for chapters or even sections. Investing books repeat themselves a lot (A.K.A Definition of PE Ratio/The power of compound effect etc). If I’m reading a book I’m already familiar with that chapter… I QUIT that chapter! No regrets. Books are meant to serve you, not the other way around.



Investment Results

Investment Results

At the start of the year, I saw many of these results on Facebook. 39% is an respectable return on investment. If we take the rule of 72, it will just take slightly less than 2 years to double your money! That’s incredible. Imagine you have $100,000 and it becomes $200,000 in less than 2 years. For someone new to investing, this might seem like the holy grail to your financial freedom. That’s fantastic results. Before you get light headed, let’s look at a research done by Bank Of America.

Bank of America Research Profitable Years

Bank of America Research Profitable Years

This shows that in 2019, the entire stock market is expected to be up 30% to 40% anyway! If you see their ROI is 39%, it doesn’t mean their results is exceptional and in fact it is expected! To be a great investor, he should have to perform ABOVE the market norm.

We might be seeing people chasing a 39% return this year as people already feel that they can get it last year. QUIT CHASING RESULTS (without knowing the context).

This could apply to many things to life as well. I know people who are chasing after a nice Condominium, a nice Mercedes Ben or a nice trip to U.S.A. It is usually all over Instagram. Personally, I believe that life is short and we should enjoy every moment of it. However, CHASING AFTER THINGS WON”T MAKE YOU HAPPY.

If you are chasing after what other people have, if you are chasing an unrealistic goal which you set for yourself, QUIT CHASING THEM. Find out what truly make you happy.



I woke up this morning and plan to go for a run. This year, my fitness goal is to get GOLD in my IPPT. I then decided to go to the kitchen to fill my bottle up. 2 hours later, I’m out meeting my clients.

Did I run? NO.

Why is that so? Because, my mind was occupied by other things. (I need to fill my bottle up now)

Have this happen to you before? You wanted to do something but then life suddenly takes over and the opportunity to do is gone. I was having a chat with my friend, Christina Ho (who is obsessed with productivity) and we were sharing on things that we plan but DID NOT DO. If you meet Christina, she’s one of the most enthusiastic person who will scrub all the seashells on the beach to prove her point. We were frustrated and sometimes discouraged when we were unable to achieve what we set out to do. We don’t have the lack of motivation. But why does this happen to us?

From a corner of Yakun that I met her, a young father blurted out to his son “You have to pull up your sock“.

Whatever context the young father has said it in, the phrase “PULL UP YOUR SOCK” was stuck to me. I decided to experiment on myself and that experiment helped me achieve my fitness goal last year. It is very simple. When I want to run, I will PUT ON ONE SOCK. That awkward sock on my feet helped me remember that I have to go running and it kept me from constantly being sidetracked!

It worked so well, that I decided to use this in various aspect of life!

Pull up your sock

PS: Maybe not such a long sock.

If you have goals this year that you really want to achieve, QUIT SIDETRACKING and PULL ON ONE SOCK!



I QUIT! Today, make it a point to quit 1 of the above.

If you read until here, thank you again for your patience and your support over in 2019. I hope that in 2020, Wealthdojo can continue to value add you. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

By the way, we are having the first Wealthdojo Seminar in 2020. We hope to see you and your friends in this seminar. Seats are limited and available on a first come first serve basis. You can find more information regarding the seminar here.

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Price Hikes Public Transportation Singapore Budget

What you can do about price hikes for public transport in Singapore

Price hikes for public transportation in Singapore is set to increase. This will include the buses and trains fares that majority of Singapore takes every day to work or school. The public transport counsel has hinted the fares could go up by 7% after they have conducted their fare review exercise. (Read More: Fare Exercise Review)

The reasons cited for the rates increase has been put on the increase in energy prices, rail reliability and also introduction of new buses and MRT over the last few years.  This isn’t a shock to me at least. Over the years, fare price hikes has been slowly increasing. (Read more: Public Transport Counsel Chronology). As a nation progress, there will be need for a more reliable public transportation and this will result in higher cost of maintenance over time.

Price Hikes Public Transportation Singapore

Price Hikes Public Transportation Singapore: Source: Straits Times

For majority of us, the amount of money we spend on public transportation will soon increase in December 2019. We can either lament all we want about the $0.09 increase per journey or we always do something about it. (Read More: Sandwich Generation: Is it still possible to be rich?)


Money Maximization: Transportation

Readers of Wealthdojo are in luck. We were just exploring on ways to save on transportation in the previous article. (Read more: Save Money on Transportation Singapore). 

We have created a system to help an individual save up to 5% a year on transportation cost. This comes in timely as it can “cancel out” the effect of increase just by following this system.

Price Hikes Public Transportation Singapore Budget

Price Hikes Public Transportation Singapore Budget

If you can’t beat them, join them

I’m always excited about companies that are able to increase their prices even during a recession. While we are somewhat in a economy that is slowing down, there are a few companies that are STILL ABLE to raise prices and people have no choice but to pay for it! This is what we called Pricing Power. Investing in companies with pricing power are the ones that can survive and thrive. As Wealthdojo believes in dealing with real life situations, please refer to our disclaimer section for more information.

Everyone in Singapore probably knows of this company called SBS Transit (SGX: S61)

SBS Transit Stock Price ComfortDelGro

SBS Transit Stock Price ComfortDelGro

Basically, they are our train and bus providers in Singapore. Over the last 1 year, this humble share has increase 57%. I have talked about in our Facebook Closed Group (Contact Us to be invited to the Facebook Group). It is a simple business, easy to understand and has a certain pricing power in Singapore. Just to point out an illustration, will you walk all the way to Changi Airport by foot just because your bus fare has increase by $0.09? 99.99% will definitely continue using this service.

In addition to the 57% increase this year, the dividend yield is at 3.52% right now. While it isn’t the highest yielding dividend stock out there, this is clear about our inflation rate this year.

I recommend everyone to study more into this stock before making a decision. This is not a buy/sell recommendation.

We wish you the best in your financial journey.


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I hope to nurture genuine relationships with all of my readers. Please feel free to contact me on my Instagram (@chengkokoh) or Facebook Page!

Now that you’ve read about learnt about how to benefit from What you can do about price hikes for public transport in Singapore. I challenge you to read this article (Things To Consider Before Investing In Foreign Dividend Stocks )to push your understanding further!

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