A special message during COVID-19

Hey guys, hope that everyone is well during this period of time. *Watch the video if you have received something from me.

If you are wondering what I’m busy with, I’m working on the first ever webinar series to help each and everyone of you in categories that I’m not an expert in, I took me weeks to convince different experts ranging from Chiropractor, TCM practitioner and also a career coach to help with relieving pain, boosting your immunity and increase your employability.


Wealthdojo COVID19 Webinar Series

WD Webinar Series
WD Webinar Series


It wasn’t easy for me to invite them to share their trade secrets to all of you. After speaking to them, they have agreed that the webinar series will be made free of charge to all of you.

Register for them so we know that we can wait for you to start.

Undoing Common Pains During WFH: http://tiny.cc/chiropractorWD

Boost Your Immunity: http://tiny.cc/TCMxWD

Increase Your Employability: http://tiny.cc/TravenXWD

Best Saving Account in SG. 7 Guaranteed Investment in an uncertain world: http://tiny.cc/7Guaranteed

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You can also download the WealthdojoCarePack.pdf.


To help you guys out, I have compiled a few tips for you guys. It includes how to work from home with children, grocery shopping, buka puasa, cakes (birthdays) and bubble tea (lol).

Work From Home With Children
Work From Home With Children

Tips on how to Work From Home with children

This is certainly not an easy task. I have compiled some suggestions which worked for my clients and they have agreed to share it with you.

  • Communicate a family plan. Create a daily plan for the entire family that includes work and school schedules, and make it easily visible to everyone. Agree on the daily plan that might involve having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time daily, exercise breaks, playing time, etc. Set the expectation of what the day will look like. Note: it is okay to re-create the daily plan as you go along.
  • Swap in and out with your spouse. Too much multi-tasking will reduce a person’s ability to focus. If both parents are working, divide up the day into blocks that give one parent space away from the children at a time. (Eg, husband will be tend to the child in the morning while the wife will tend to the child in the afternoon)
  • Be kind to yourself. Don’t measure yourself for the amount of things you can do per day with work tasks. Clearly, this has changed. Be kind to yourself.

Here are other solutions which I think is good. Check out these links.

7 practical solutions to work from home around your kids

Survival Guides to WFH with children


Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping Special Message COVID19
Grocery Shopping Special Message COVID19

For parents who needs help, here are some help for grocery shopping.

Amazon.sg (Free delivery if order above $40)

NTUC (Free delivery if order above $59)

Cold Storage (Free delivery if order above $59)

Mynikmart (Halal Groceries)


Buka Puasa

Happy Ramadan Special Message COVID19
Happy Ramadan Special Message COVID19

For my Malay friends, here are some ideas for buka puasa. I have verified they have halal certifications.

Nasi Ambeng Nenek Leng (Halal Muslim Owned)

JW Korean Food Story (Halal Muslim Owned)

Happy Ramadan!!


Cake Delivery Kura COVID19
Cake Delivery Kura COVID19

Cakes (For Birthdays in April/May)

Kura.sg  (Orders above $60 will be Delivered free island wide)

Call me bias. I just like their cakes and service. Strongly recommending Kura to everyone.

Cat & the Fiddle. (Halal cake choice) (Free For Orders Above $90)


Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea Special Message COVID19
Bubble Tea Special Message COVID19

For bubble tea lovers, here are some that offers island wide delivery.

Chicha San Chen (Recommend if you are ordering $20 and above to be “worth it”)

Liho Tea (Recommended if you are ordering $30 and above)

Xin Fu Tang (Must include a mains)


Online Games

COVID19 Online Games
COVID19 Online Games

Online Board Games (Download this PDF for more games)


Home Exercise

Heather Robertson (HIIT)

HASfit (Various)

Official News

Ministry of Health COVID19 


COVID19 Infobot (By Gov.sg)

Trace together

Singapore Budget 2020



Wishing you the best during this period. Stay strong. Stay healthy.

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