Oh Cheng Kok Investment Insurance Seminar

"When there is preparation, there is no fear" ~ Hwang Kee

Our Vision

To create 1000 Financially Free Individuals by 2030.

Our Mission

Our participants remain our heart and focus of Wealthdojo. Our mission is to empower individuals in their journey of Wealth Management so that you can live the life of your choice during retirement. 

Our Values

Consistency. Long Term Planning. Discipline. Fun

Chengkok is a Associate Financial Consultant with AIA. His passion is to help people retire early and avoid financial pitfalls through his own PhD Investing Methodology and Insurance.

He a Co-Author of Secrets of Value Investing. Co-Founder of the financial blog journeywithmoney.com. Co-Founder of CALM-Investing and also a property investor.

The story 

Coming from a humble family, I realized the importance of money and saving for rainy days at a young age. I remember the days I looked in envy when my friends ate McDonald while I had to eat at the coffee shop. I also have to give tuition to pay my own expenses.

During my free time, I spent time at the library to read thick books because I thought the answers were all in there. That was the worst decision I made then. It was a complete waste of time. The problem was I didn’t even know what was a good book to start off with and I wasted many good months figuring out what’s right.

My turning point happened in 2009 when a friend called me one night during my National Services days, He lost over USD$30,000 in the stock market that night and I still vividly recall the painful 5 words.

“Can you lend me money?”

That was it. I realised that I can either “figure this out myself” or be committed to my Wealth Management journey. In the next few years, I invested in myself. I paid for courses and paid for mentorship programs and also talked to people who specialised in finances, business, insurance, investment, estate planning, etc. I soon realised successful people have a 6 Level system which I call the 6 Level Karate System.

I created Wealthdojo so that you don’t need to waste anymore money, effort and also time in this journey. Money, effort and also time that you could never get back. It is my passion to help you start your financial journey easily and effortlessly use tailor made strategies catered just for you.

See you at the dojo.

Chengkok, Sensei of Wealthdojo

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